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At KG Lock and Safe, we pride ourselves with the standard of our safe installations ensuring they meet insurance requirements which are becoming much more frequently needed for home and business security/insurance.

We can provide the correct safe for your needs, be that jewellery, cash or documents. For documents and data we would reccomend a fire proof safe, while for cash and valuables we would suggest one of our security specification safes

All safes supplied come with and insurance certificated meeting the standards you need from the smallest of home safes to the largest of bank safes. The suppliers we use meet the highest of standards in quality and are insurance certified.

See below our insurance calculator from cash to valuables and the grade needed to cover the value needed.


  • Grade 0 – £6,000 (cash cover) – £60,000(valuables cover)
  • Grade 1 – £10,000 (cash cover) – £100,000(valuables cover)
  • Grade 2 – £17,000 (cash cover) – £170,000(valuables cover)
  • Grade 3 – £35,000 (cash cover) – £350,000(valuables cover)
  • Grade 4 – £60,000 (cash cover) – £600,000(valuables cover)
  • Grade 5 – £100,000 (cash cover) – £1,000,000(valuables cover)
  • Grade 6 – £150,000 (cash cover) – £1,500,000(valuables cover)
  • Grade 7 £250,000 (cash cover) – £2,500,000(valuables cover)

In the unfortunate circumstance there was any issues with the safes in the future we provided the full service with expert safe engineers, ready to fix any problems. We can also replace locks if someone has a key that you no longer want to have access to the safe.

We also provide annual service plans to keep your safe in good working order.

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